Liver X

Detoxify your Liver 

Liver X fortifies your liver as it eliminates toxins and helps you recover from infections, leading to overall improved health.
Melt in your mouth to achieve better absorption and efficacy




Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body. Liver X has been created to improve and boost its functionality, as well as detoxify any harmful substances you may have consumed. Liver X aids in filtering waste from your blood and helps to synthesize essential proteins and biochemicals that are necessary for digestion and body function.

The central biomolecule in the liver’s detoxification mechanism is Glutathione.
Infections, toxins, lifestyle choices, and simple aging can decrease Glutathione synthesis in the liver and damage its effectiveness .

Liver X provides Glutathione to protect your liver and improve its function. Glutathione is also an antioxidant (oxidation damages your cells, antioxidants terminate this reaction), providing a variety of benefits to your health and longevity.


Each Tablet contains 

Glutathione 200 mg
Silybin 300 mg
Ascorbic acid 50 mg
No artificial  colours  or  preservatives 


Dosage: Take one tablet twice a day, dissolve on tongue.

Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to a health professional.

Store below 25°C.


Glutathione is currently used as a clinical therapeutic drug for treating alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease​. 

Its antioxidative and supportive properties have been verified through many clinical studies (Yuan & Kaplowitz Mol Aspects Med 2009). Clinical trials of Glutathione efficacy in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease showed substantial improvement of liver function following daily Glutathione supplements (Honda et al BMC Gastroenterol 2017).

Milk Thistle is a well-known liver cleansing agent due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been widely used in a range of traditional medicines throughout history. More recently, the pharmacologic, toxicologic, and clinical efficacy of Milk Thistle have been studied and results highlighted that milk thistle is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective complementary medicine for treating liver diseases and supporting liver function (Abenavoli et al Phytother Res 2010).

Orally dissolving tablets are better for rapid compound absorption and maximise benefits to the liver. The oral mucosal membrane absorbs small molecules with high efficiency which allows them directly into the blood circulation. Scientific research has shown that this absorption is the most optimal method for delivery of Glutathione.


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