We believe in nature and science. Our co-founder is Dr Eddie Yan, an Australian scientist with doctorates in physiology
and neuroscience who honed his abilities and creative mind through two decades working in pharmaceutical
and biological sciences. Now he is pursuing his vision for a more balanced, all-encompassing approach to
improving human lives at the physical and emotional levels.


We have never demanded more of ourselves as humans than we do in the 21st century. We expect to live for decades longer than our grandparents did, and we want to do so while staying physically active and mentally alert. There is a reason retirement ages are soaring across the world. But before we retire, the rise of technology has allowed us to work more quickly and more effectively, and we demand greater productivity of ourselves. In our personal lives we strive to remain fit, healthy and vigorous, putting more thought into our diets and exercise regimes than humans ever have in the past. These are not fantasies. These are all achievable goals. But our bodies and our brains need support to deliver them. That’s what LivMore’s supplements have been expertly formulated to do, allowing you to push yourself to fulfill your potential without burnout or a feeling of failure that your body and brain aren’t strong enough. With LivMore, they will be.



“Learn what is true to do what is right”


Our unique philosophy and approach to helping people live more springs from the unique talents who
united to found LivMore Health.

Steve Mautone, our CEO and co-founder, is a former elite sportsman who played and coached football internationally
at the highest levels.  After a lifetime of hard work and best practice to ensure he was in peak condition, he is now
committed to helping all people achieve their potential like he did. Throughout his career, he was fortunate to get the
best advice on what nutrients, vitamins and supplements were necessary for peak mental and physical fitness. Now he
wants everybody to enjoy the same benefits and knowledge he received as an athlete.

Dr Eddie Yan, co-founder, is an Australian scientist and with doctorates in physiology and neuroscience. Having
honed his abilities and entrepreneurial mindset through two decades working in pharmaceutical industry and
biological sciences, he decided to pursue his vision for a more balanced, all-encompassing approach to improving
human lives at the physical, biological and emotional levels.

Guided by their combined drive, passions and knowledge, our products are inspired by the miracles of the human
body and our natural healing processes, and the way they interact with powerful compounds found in the natural
world. These compounds are the core elements in our products, recreated and formulated to a perfection. Too many
supplement providers peddle products without scientific proof of product efficacies, or misused  active ingredients
which have been diluted to a point of ineffective amount. At LivMore Health we draw on nature, but use science
and human evidence to create products that really work – and can be proved to work.